‧₊˚ˏˋ something blue ˎˊ‧₊˚↻

an album about perseverance

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track 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11 mixed by ray valerio
track 4, 6, 7 mixed by max gowand
mastered by max gowand
light blue room
additional modular ambience by analogue dear
breaking point
live drums by daniel
additional vocals by ghostbuster vhs
something blue
additional guitars by anthony turi
live drums by johnny hardin
additonal prod and vocals by with love
love notes
vocals by metagirl
today i felt
additional prod and vocals by woodthrush

noopy fest

snoopy being thrown around during a show

audience watching laptop funeral perform

what is noopy fest ?

the first iteration of this show started as a housewarming party / album release show that I made after moving to new york from florida. what started as a way for me to meet my friends, soon became a way for my friends to meet each other. I had people traveling out of state and even out of the country to see my friends perform, and in the process it created a bridge between all these different corners of the internet. seeing how philly and new york came together in the way that it did really inspired me to do more of these because it really felt like a celebration of the community i was a part of.After attempting to host a second show it was quickly made apparent that this was something that was becoming larger than I could fit in my apartment. for a small house show, it had a really good turn out of somewhere from 65-70 people and they were all people i knew or my friends knew. i love this scene, and in a way this is like my family. i want to continue to keep the diy aspect of this alive because i believe its important to the culture within our community.i want to create a safe space that can celebrate the love we have for eachother. to me, this is what is at the heart of noopy fest and what it represents.


⊹˚₊‧ brain damage ‧₊˚⊹

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